Matt Sexton
and Company
was formed in
1998 by its'
founder Matt
Sexton, and
has been
going strong
ever since.

This drag king
troupe  was
the first of it's
kind in the
area, and as
such, naturally
earned the title
of "Louisville's
Premier Drag
King Troupe"

The name
"Boyzz  By
Knight" was
added in 2001
and has
caught on
quite well. It
does not
replace the
original name,
but merely
adds to it!
The Boyzz are  
truly proud to
be called "Matt
Sexton and
The Boyzz by

There have
been several
cast changes
over the last
eight  years,
however the
current cast
consisting of
Matt Sexton,
DL Dawson,
Cole Stevens,
and Kevin
Kane have
been together
now for nearly
five years. This
group is a
close knit
bunch and the
brotherhood is
apparent when
you see them
The versatility
and range of
makes each
show very
diverse, as
performer has
their own
unique style.

The Boyzz'
credits include:

on the Rikki
Lake Show_

Performing at
Drag King
Extravaganza _


University of

They have held
shows in
Lexington Ky,
and of course
here in the
Louisville area
at the old
Tinker's / Club
Rainbow Cafe,
and on a
regular basis
at Tink's Pub.

The Boyz also
perform at
receptions and
When the sun goes down and darkness
blankets the earth, the nightlife begins to
take on new energy. The heat of the day is
replaced with the cool of the night. It's then
that a metamorphosis starts to take place.
Transformation from one gender to another
has begun, and the
Boyzz are once again
emerging....ready to bring you a (K)night of
illusions, a night of gender-bending, a night
of entertainment!

Hot studs, kicking ass, working the crowd,
performing their lip syncing, male
impersonations, each with their own
distinctive style, to a wide variety of music
genres, keeps the crowd at the edge of their
seat, and totally entertained.

If you have ever seen the Boyzz perform,
then you know that these guys are a
fun-loving, wanna party-all-night  group that
gives it everything they got each and every
performance. If you have never seen the
Boyzz, then you are missing out on the
chance to see "Drag" at its' finest.

So make sure to check out the scheduled
performance dates, and get ready to
Browse the Boyzz Shop where you can purchase tons of cool
merchandise. T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, thongs, boxers,
magnets, mugs, posters, and much more!
Enjoy film footage and slideshows of
the Boyzz by Knight before the show,
rehearsing, back stage, on stage, and
partyin' after the show.

We also have footage of our fans, and
a tribute to the ladies that are the wind
beneath our wings!

Naughty Naughty (slide show)

Baby I Would (film footage)

Show Pics set to Music (slide show)

Bloopers  (film footage)

Backstage (film footage)

Wind Beneath My Wings (Tribute to
the Ladies (slide show)

The Fans (slide show)

The Fans 2 (slide show)
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to the use of spammers trying to
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totally unappropiate websites for
their monetary gain. In the short
space of two months, these
spammers had left over 10,000
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that truly wanted to leave the
Boyzz your comments, we
apologize. We hope that you will
take a moment and send us an
email if you enjoyed our site.
Perhaps when the world is rid of
unscroupulous people, we will be
able to reinstall our Guestbook.
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next show: July 28th @ Tink's Pub
The Boyzz By Knight
Matt Sexton and Company
If you are
interested in
booking the
Boyzz, whether
it be for a
show at your
or a private
email for
information on
rates and
Louisville's Premier
Drag King Troupe!
For those of you that follow the Boyzz, you are
aware that we have two new very HOT Boyzz that
have joined our cast. Both Hunter and Drake had
their debut as official Boyzz by Knight at our
Halloween show.
Both were real crowd pleasers and stepped into
their new roles with ease.
Please bear with us while we update this site, as I
(DL) have to try to find time to work on this site in
between my day job and my night job.
Always our brothers! The four year
standing cast of the Boyzz by Knight
has now found that our brothers, Cole
Stevens, and Kevin Kane had to leave
our cast. Life commitments,  and job
changes sometimes make our lives
move in a different direction.
But Kevin and Cole will always remain
steadfast brothers that are missed.
KPF 2007
The Boyzz At Kentuckianna Pride Festival